Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sales of printed books fall ...

According the Guardian's article published on January 13, 2015, sales of printed adult fiction have declined by over £150m since 2009, new figures show, as ebooks take an increasingly large bite out of the market.
The adult fiction market was the worst-performing of all areas of the book business, down by 5.3% in 2014 to £321.3m, with volume sales down 7.8% to 50.7m. In 2009, printed adult fiction was worth £476.16m.
“The ebook has quite demonstrably hit the commercial end of the fiction market,” said the Bookseller’s editor Philip Jones. “Almost any drop in adult fiction sales can mainly be put down to the migration to digital, which is obviously still continuing. We think consumer ebooks this year will be worth £350m, with most big publishers reporting ebook growth of double digits – and almost all of that will be in fiction.”
And the piece of news that had me smiling was:
Within adult fiction, there was growth for three unexpected categories: short stories, westerns and graphic novels.
Now why am I not surprised that Westerns are in there?
Since PP began, we have added to our stable (okay bad pun) and the list of authors and series continue to grow. We've seen series with low sales and series with high sales and series I'd thought would bomb but had done the reverse. We've been a gnat whisker away from deals and gotten deals I'd thought would be neigh on impossible. But there is still a market out there for Westerns. And, boy, am I glad. We are now scheduling books into 2018, so there is much more to come for the Western fiction fan. And long may you read them.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The name's Brand, Jason Brand and I'm back!

How about this for a start to 2015?
We are VERY happy indeed to report that we have just managed to persuade Mike Linaker(Neil Hunter) to continue writing all-new adventures starring JASON BRAND and BODIE THE STALKER - including the long-awaited Brand/Bodie team-up, TWO GUNS NORTH!

The first of the new JASON BRAND westerns will appear in April, and is called HIGH KILL.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Gunsmith - new titles revealed...

As you know, we are publishing J.R. Roberts' THE GUNSMITH series from number 400 onwards as of April 2015. Today, I received an email from the author with the first two titles - THE LINCOLN RANSOM and NEW MEXICO POWDER KEG.

The series covers will be illustrated by Tony Masero who has provided the covers to our CLINT ADAMS: THE GUNSMITH (aka Gunsmith Giants) series.

And a reminder if you ever needed one....

Can't wait .

Friday, 5 December 2014

Neil Hunter will give you the horrors....


Les Mason, reporter for the Long Point News, is close to finishing an expose on the Long Point Nuclear Plant. But before he can slot the final piece of the jigsaw into place, he dies an agonizing death as the result of some sort of sting. The doctors are baffled — and there are similar cases to follow ... Chris Lane, his girlfriend, and organizer of the Long Point Protestors, discovers Mason’s notes, and decides to find out for herself what the plant has to hide...

The Touch of Hell
The village of Shepthorne wasn’t being gripped, but strangled by winter’s blanket of snow and Arctic temperatures. The trouble began with a massive pile-up on frozen roads and a fireball of exploding petrol as a truck collided with a tanker in the garage forecourt. Then, from the sky, a huge military transport with its cargo of devastation crashed down towards the village. Hell was just beginning to touch Shepthorne . . .

Scorpion – Second Generation
The colony of deadly scorpions at Long Point Nuclear Plant was eradicated. Or so people thought . . . Over a year later, entomologist Miles Ranleigh receives a worrying telephone call. A man has been fatally poisoned by toxic venom, identical to the Long Point scorpions’ — but far more powerful. Miles and his companion Jill Ansty must race to destroy the fresh infestation. But this is a new strain of scorpion. Mutated and irradiated, they’re larger, more savage — and infected with a deadly virus fatal to humans. And they’re breeding . . .

for the fantastic price of $2.99 and exclusive to Kindle Amazon until the New Year.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Hold on to your hats - J.T. EDSON coming your way!

J.T. Edson copyright Getty Images
We have concluded a deal to bring the works of J. T. EDSON back into 'e-print'!! Beginning in February 2015, we'll start publishing the first ten FLOATING OUTFIT books (hopefully with the remainder to come), all thirteen books in the DUSTY FOG'S CIVIL WAR series, the three books featuring WAXAHACHIE SMITH and the five-book YOUNG OLE DEVIL series.

Watch this space for more details as we get 'em!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Announcing our latest acquisition ...

After weeks of negotiation, we can finally announce PP's latest acquisition! Ladies and gentlemen, Piccadilly Publishing is proud indeed to add PETER McCURTIN to our line-up!

This near-legendary writer hardly needs any introduction to readers of action-adventure fiction. In addition to a number of highly-regarded Mafia novels and such men's adventure series as The Assassin, The Marksman and Soldier Of Fortune, Peter also put his own distinct stamp on a whole slew of westerns.

Over the months ahead we will be publishing Peter's six-book Carmody series, the six Lassiter westerns he wrote under the name Jack Slade, the seven Jim Saddler books he wrote as Gene Curry, his fabulous stand-alone western, Rockwell and, of course, his nineteen contributions to the Sundance series created by Ben Haas (including Man Hunt, which was originally issued under Ben's John Benteen pseudonym)!


Friday, 5 September 2014

Grab a FREE sample chapter to RENEGADE by Lou Cameron

Yes, Captain Gringo is back!

Ahead of the publication of RENEGADE by Lou Cameron writing as Ramsay Thorne we are giving you a chance to download a sample the first chapter.

Let's hope you it's tempting enough for you to buy the book on its release in October!

Pre-orders are being taken at Smashwords and Amazon.
Cover Artwork by Tony Masero